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Korea4Home has the biggest job Facebook group in Korea. There are over 43,000 members in the Job Facebook group. There are also a community, accommodation, buy & sell groups in Facebook. They are all active and many members are there.
Korea4home site has over 43,000 members. They are mostly expats (foreigners) or Korean who are related to expats in Korea. It will be a great advertisement spot to have your business.

Banner Advertisement

If you are looking for a banner advertisement, we are able to create some spots to add your banners.
Please free free to contact us via email. ( [email protected] )

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Korea4home has a reward system for our users who are over 3,5000 members.
If you have some items, products to add in our reward list, this will be a great spots to introduce your business, shows or your products to our visitors.
We can provide a place page for posting your information and link to your reward.
Please feel free to contact us via email ([email protected])